Headstone, Bench & Flower Rules

Headstone, Bench & Flower Rules and Regulations

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• All stones will be flat with no raised lettering or photos.

• All headstones will be made of granite, marble or bronze material.

• All stones will be a minimum of 3″ thick.

• All stones will meet the maximum size requirements: Adult Single- 14″x30″, Double- 14″x48″; Baby (East Side)- 10″x18″, Baby (West Side)- 8″x18″

• All fees will be paid in full prior to the placement of the stone.

• Stones will not be removed or replaced without the written consent and a signed release form by the owner of the lot.

• The District will in no way assume liability for damage or vandalism done after the setting, removal and placement of the stone has been made.

• A service fee will be charged and written consent will be needed prior to removing or destroying any type of monument.

• A maximum of 2 headstones will be permitted for each lot.

• Commencing January 5, 2018 North Kern Cemetery District will allow a maximum of four (4) solar lights around the headstone or in the flower vases without spikes.


• All benches at the Veterans Monument must be made of Sierra White Granite. All other benches must be made of Marble or Granite.

• Any lettering on benches at the Veterans Monument will be black lithochrome.

• The maximum seat dimension size for all bench markers is 4″x14″x48.”

• The legs of the benches at the Veterans Monument will be tapered wider at the bottom and 4″ thick..

• All designs on the legs of the benches will be 4″ above the bottom of the legs and will not be allowed for benches at the Veterans Monument.

• The bench setting fee must be paid prior to the placement of the bench.

• All bench locations must be be pre-approved by Cemetery personnel with the final placement at the District’s discretion.

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• The District will in no way assume liability for damage or vandalism done after the setting and placement of the bench has been made.

• Any bench damaged or vandalized must be repaired within 90 days by an agent authorized by the General Manager or it will be removed by the District. Any bench deemed a safety hazard will be removed immediately.


• The grounds will be mowed and flowers will be picked up each week. This will take place on Thursday morning at 7:30 am on the grounds to the East of Albany Street and on Friday mornings at 7:30 am on the grounds to the West of Albany Street. Anything found on the graves on these days will be picked up. Flowers may be returned to graves after 3:00 pm.

• Flowers are to be placed around the headstone and in the flower vases. Crosses are to be removable are are to be a maximum of 2 feet tall. Any other items found on the graves such as fences, pictures, banners, food, beverages, lights etc., are not permitted and will be immediately removed.

•Every reasonable effort will be made to care for flowers placed on the graves but neither the Cemetery District nor any of its employees will be responsible for anything of a movable nature that may be lost, stolen or damaged.