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The Delano Area Genealogical Group, formed in 1987, consisted of six ambitious members who elected to record the information at North Kern Cemetery as their first project.

At the onset of the project in 1989, they were told there were approximately 10, 500 tombstones to be recorded. The small, but faithful group recorded at various times depending upon their individual schedules. As their excitement grew, so did the number of participants.

The encouragement, cooperation and assistance of North Kern Cemetery District’s General Manager, Mr. J. Bruce Ioppini, and his secretary, Naomi Damron, who very patiently answered questions and explained the record keeping system, and the other cemetery workers who so capably assisted in coordinating office records and gravesites, is greatly appreciated.

North Kern Cemetery District, established in 1869, was originally located at 11th Avenue and Glenwood Street on Central Pacific land. It was later relocated at the present site on Garces Highway between Austin and Albany Streets. In 1888, the Southern Pacific Railroad donated land for a cemetery. Several additional small parcels of land have been purchased at different times, the latest acquisition being an 88 acre parcel purchased from M/M C.J. Vignolo on July 30, 1973.

The district also includes a small cemetery called the “Famoso Cemetery” now termed “Pomfret Memorial Cemetery,” located at Phillips Road at the Famoso/ Porterville Highway. This was originally part of the Anderson Homestead and contains about 20 graves, the markers only half of these are still readable, the earliest date being 1888.

Delano is known as the “International Community” and this can clearly be seen from a number of different languages engraved on the tombstones, including Arabic, English, Chinese, Croatian, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Russian and Spanish.

North Kern Cemetery District serves the people of Northern Kern and Southern Tulare Counties, which covers the cities of Delano, Earlimart, Famoso, McFarland, Pond and Richgrove in California.

Comma Ann McDaniel, Secretary
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